Thursday, 17 October 2013

My place in the universe

The more I learn the more the idea of god seems unlikely. 

I see the natural wonder and beauty of the universe and I see no place for god. I see people doing good and people being bad. I see nature's serenity and nature's aggression and in all this I see no place for god - and I'm okay with that. 

The universe is full of natural wonder. From its awesome size, to the smallest particle. From supernova, to a buzzing bee these things are explained with no god required. 

I would love to take the theists of the world and have them view the universe through an atheist's eyes. I want them to see how special it is - without a god. 

I don't believe the universe was built for me. I think I'm an insignificant part of it. It owes me nothing - I simply have an opportunity. The idea that I am simply the product of some being's imagination is demeaning and uninspiring. I am the sum of a series of natural events.

I don't want to tell others they can't enjoy the rights I have. I can't look at a child and tell them they are flawed, or they'll burn in hell. I won't tell two people in love they can't be married. I don't want to use this life to prevent happiness.

I don't want to assume I know everything because I've got an old book. I want to pursue knowledge and truth and do it without harming others and without negatively impacting the aspects their lives that don't negatively impact on mine.

In essence it's not just that I don't want to be a theist. I just can't be. It goes against everything that I feel, everything I am.