Friday, 27 March 2015

What if Adam chose to be gay?

Many religious people will tell us that homosexuality is a choice. That their god thinks it's an abomination, and that anyone choosing to be homosexual is committing an awful sin. Some religious folk might try to save themselves here with the tired old line 'hate the sin, not the sinner' but let's not kid ourselves, they hate the sinner. 

God, being a god, could stop homosexuality, of course. If he wanted to, he could make it so no homosexual people were born, or if it is a choice as some religious people claim, he could make it so no one makes that choice. But free will, is the reply you'll hear here. 

God hates homosexuality for reasons that I guess are his own. He allows people to choose it, but they'll be punished in the afterlife. Some people will have us believe that god shows his displeasure at homosexuality by sending tornadoes to tornado prone areas. It's not like these tornadoes come with a label saying 'anti-homosexuality tornado' though, so how does one tell an anti-homosexuality tornado from a regular tornado? 

The same theists who will tell you homosexuality is a choice, and that it's a sin against their god, will also tell you that were are here because Adam had sex with Eve. They'll tell you that god put them on earth as the very first humans and from those two people, the world was populated. It doesn't seem to bother them that this never happened, but that's a topic for another blog. 

We know from Eve eating from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that Adam and Eve had free will. There weren't just robots, pre-programmed by God to do only what he wanted. In fact, according to the story, they did the exact opposite of what God wanted. He didn't want them to eat from the tree...but they did it anyway. 

Where would we be today if Adam had chosen to be gay? According to the bible, God saw that Adam was on his own and so gave him Eve. Imagine if Adam has said 'but where's the cock?' What if Adam has stared between Eve's legs and said 'yeah...not really my style. See this,' as he grabs his own package 'I was hoping to play with someone else's one.'

If the story is true, God either created Adam without the ability to choose being gay, or God created Adam knowing in advance he wouldn't choose to be gay. 

Either way, if God could do that then, and not only ensure the earth was populated with humans, but also ensure that Adam was saved from hell for the sin of homosexuality, he could do it for all the people born now and save *them* from hell for the sin of homosexuality. 

I can't for a moment think that God put Adam on Earth, then gave Adam Eve and was thinking 'Gee, I really hope he likes pussy. If he likes dick, I'm going to have to start over.' Of course not. God put Adam on earth knowing that Adam would choose heterosexuality (or would not be given the choice). Given that God now allows around 2% of men to be on earth as homosexuals and doesn't do anything to stop it, he clearly doesn't have a problem with it. 

If God allows homosexuals on earth, why would anyone else have a problem with it?