Thursday, 13 June 2019

How dare My Little Pony Be Inclusive!

One of the great problems I have with the big religions is how divisive they are. They claim to be so much about 'love' and 'peace' whilst the behaviours and practices of the adherents are anything but. 

Two people who exemplify religious divisiveness are Lyle Shelton and Kirralie Smith. 

Lyle is the head of the Australian Christian Lobby. An organisation whose main purpose seems to be 'keeping the gay away from our kids', and trying to send gay people back into the closet. They were the leading anti-equality organisation in the Australian same sex marriage vote. Being anti-equality is such an odd position. 

Kirralie is the head and Binary Australia (which used to be Marriage Alliance Australia until their bid to prevent equality in marriage failed). Binary Australia is a transgender hate group focused on shaming and belittling transgender people, and trying to make parents fear transgender people being near their kids.

Below are two tweets. One each from Lyle and Kirralie on the introduction of a same sex couple into 'My Little Pony'. 

Firstly Lyle's tweet. Got to love that he starts off being against indoctrinating children into something! That's too much irony for most people to handle. Next, he claims it's a consequence of gay marriage. Although he couldn't dare bring himself to say that. Instead he put a rainbow flag instead of gay, and he felt it necessary to put marriage in quotes. Then he says the wants to push back against this brave new world. This 'brave new world' is a world where people are treated equally and fairly. 

Next Kirralie is straightforward in saying 'The are coming for your kids'. She doesn't specify who 'they' are or what they're going to do with your kids one they get them, but one can tell she's highly concerned about it. Given she's posted this about cartoon ponies, one can only assumes she means...cartoon ponies. I don't know about you, but as an adult, I'm never going to fear cartoon ponies. 

I can't be 100% sure, but if you're reading my blog, I'm pretty confident you'd not be frightened by cartoon ponies. 

But more importantly I'm extremely confident you're not upset at a kids TV show being inclusive. I'm sure you're not scared that a TV show for kids is normalising a normal relationship. Of course same-sex relationships aren't as common as heterosexual ones, but yes, they are just as 'normal'. 

Every decent person I know rejects the ignorant ideas of Lyle and Kirralie. I hope you do too.