Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Marriage equality.

It is expected that next week the Australian senate will vote on the issue of marriage equality. At this stage it looks like the 'for' side is about 8 votes short of victory with 16 senators either undecided or with their view unpublicised. 

I took the time to write to each of the undecided senators from my home state and wanted to share the email here: 

Dear Senator . 

Australia is a nation that prides itself on giving people a fair go. We want to be known as a country that is for equal opportunity and against discrimination. 

I ask you to please take the time to read some points below, and with this in mind I urge to to vote in favour of marriage equality in the upcoming senate vote. 

There is no valid reason to keep couples of the same sex from marrying. Marriage is not owned by religion, therefore religion shouldn't be a factor. No one is asking any religion to perform a marriage that they feel goes against their teachings. Atheists are allowed to marry, clearly showing that marriage in Australia is irreligious. 

Marriage is not for the purpose of having children. We don't tell couples that can't, or don't want to have children, that they can't marry. We don't tell married couples that find out they can't have children that they must get divorced. To say that same-sex couples shouldn't marry because they can't have children is therefore a flawed argument.

Marriage equality is not a pathway to people marrying siblings, pets, or furniture. This is a slippery slope fallacy and is an invalid objection. The marriage equality debate is about allowing people in same-sex couples the right to marry each other. That is all. 

Given the above, I hope you understand that marriage is a way for two people to commit their lives to each other. It is for two people to make a bond with the partner of their choice, regardless of religion, or the desire for procreation. The commitment of marriage is not diminished if these people happen to be two women or two men, but our nation is less fair if we prohibit these marriages.

The Australian public supports marriage equality because the majority of people understand that a law that keeps same-sex couples from marrying whilst giving the privilege to opposite sex couples is discriminatory and hurtful and such laws have no place in a modern and fair Australian society. 

The world is moving forward and marriage equality is becoming the norm in more and more places. Common sense dictates that in a progressive and fair nation like our own, marriage equality is inevitable. The question is - are you going to be among the first to support it, or among the last to oppose it? 


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