Monday, 1 February 2016

A brief response to Ken Ham

On January 30th, Ken Ham, President, CEO, and founder of Answers in Genesis tweeted the following: 

"Atheism is nothing more than the religion of naturalism in a failed attempt to rebel against the Creator God"

I saw the above and felt it necessary to respond. 

I received some positive feedback for my response, including a suggestion from @BJPrice1 to put it into a blog. So I have. 

My response...

Ken, my fellow Australian, you are a disgrace to thinking. You're an ignoramus. Your brain has malfunctioned. 

Atheism is the logical and reasonable response to the totally absurd and unsupported claims that mythological beings are real.

If you were able to show, with evidence and verifiability, that gods exist, atheism would cease to be a thing.

It is, indeed, a fact that atheism exists because people recognise that your claims are ridiculous and unsupported.

Atheism is not an attempt to rebel against anything, Ken, let alone the god you happen to imagine is real.

Atheism is people being reasonable in the face of billions of people being gullible, superstitious, and ridiculous.

I sincerely hope that you one day value logic and reason over faith and superstition.


  1. as always... well said my friend.

  2. Good reply but Ken`s brain is fried and no amount of reason can save him from his mythological delusions.

  3. Good reply but Ken`s brain is fried and no amount of reason can save him from his mythological delusions.

  4. Good on you. I like to imagine how Ken Ham and Ray Comfort would get on if they had to come back to Oz and NZ. Our countries, being a lot less religious, would mean their desire for positive attention would not be satisfied. Both would be regularly mocked in the media - they wouldn't get thousands lauding them as they do in the US!

    1. Oh, indeed. There's a reason they've headed to the US to peddle their nonsense. The US has the market both in terms of people and dollars and we just wouldn't buy their bullshit to the same degree any more. They don't know much, but they know who to sell it to.

  5. Well stated MrOz. I find it interesting that while Ken professes that he moved to the US as a missionary he chose to settle that mission in the bible belt. Where the monetary pickings are much more available, not in one of the more "hellbent" parts of the country where there are arguably more "souls to save".

    1. thanks. And yes, very good point! He's become a missionary in one of the highest % of believing areas of the world! :)