Sunday, 19 June 2016

Common Heathens - An atheist podcast

I've been friends with Godless Mom, AKA Courtney, AKA GM for quite a while now, thanks to a mutual follow on twitter. 

Early on there was a chat about blogs and Courtney invited me to write a guest post for her outstanding I told her I would love to write but I was short on ideas. She said she'd give me some topics to discuss. She didn't! 

After we became closer friends, I asked her about this and she showed me a screen shot of an email she'd started to me, with a dot point standing solo. She'd not been able to think of anything either. :)  

Eventually I did write a guest piece for her. It's called don't pray for me, and you can find it here

Skip forward and our friendship developed and we talked about ideas for collaborating on something. Eventually doing a podcast together came up. It stayed an idea for a while, before we finally got around to recording an episode. (well, two actually. We decided to split the recording into two). 

We've called it 'Common Heathens' because with Courtney being Canadian and me being Australian we are both members of the British Commonwealth (right???). And we are both, obviously, heathens. 

We made a request to our twitter followers - send us your questions. Anything. We recorded ourselves answering the first three we received and thus episode one of Common Heathens was born! 

Episode two, which is 'in the can' in movie speak, is the next three questions answered. 

As we grow and become more comfortable with the whole 'podcasting' thing we'll add more segments. It won't always just be us answering questions from twitter. But I do hope we retain a Q&A section. Perhaps incorporating some kind of 'listener feedback' discussion. 

The response to episode one has been truly amazing. Both Courtney and I have been so honoured to have received so much positive feed back. We really do appreciate it and it has encouraged us to want to do more. 

For now, we're going to be publishing monthly, but if things continue as they do, fortnightly or even weekly will be a consideration. One thing is we want to be topical and talk about current events, and a monthly show doesn't really lend itself to that. But this is new and there's a lot to get used to so initially, monthly it is. 

You can find out about us at our sparkling new website:

Thanks to the wonderful web skills of Courtney, you can listen to us in various ways: 

YouTube: Common Heathens 

If would like to become a financial supporter of the show you can! Your financial support will help us with our equipment (I desperately need a new microphone!) will help with hosting our website, and will enable us to increase the frequency of episodes. You'll also receive cool bonuses such as shoutouts from Godless Mom and myself on twitter, access to additional content (when available) as well a mention on the podcast (all depending on the level of your patronage). 

If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, head on over to our Patreon Page

Thanks for reading, and happy listening!  


  1. Hi Mr Oz Atheist. Your latest blog really rang a bell as I've been corresponding with an American Atheist blogger for a few years now. Initially I'd reply to posts; eventually he suggested emailing because we were not so constrained by the presence of the public lscrutiny. This online relationship has been very productive. Mostly we agree. In a couple of areas we can have quite heated disagreements ( mostly over the presence of Islam as a force for bad). I hold the typical 'liberal' outlook that it's as bad as all other religions, no better, no worse. They're ALL bad by my reckoning. The rest is politics.

    At this point I'd like to say I'd subscribe but I'm afraid I'm on a limited income ( having retired and recently losing my husband) as well as the fact that I'm a financial supporter of The Conversation.

    Keep up the good work. I'll listen to the podcast shortly. Thanks.

    1. Hi Anita. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for listening to the podcast! No drama with Patreon. You'll still get lots of great content to listen to! :)