Friday, 22 June 2018

Why I admire @CherryEleven

For those of you who aren't aware, Cherry Eleven is my partner in life. As of writing we've been together for nearly seven years, and have known each other just over eight. 

We met via twitter all those years ago, thanks to our common love for the Australian football team, Collingwood.

On a side note, for those who are sports fans, but not Australian Football League fans, Collingwood is 'that' team. The one the others love to hate most. The one with the most fans, biggest crowds. Often called the most famous sporting club in the country. 

Anyway, we were both new(ish) to twitter and through Collingwood we found each other. We became friends almost instantly and just over a year later, we were a couple. 

CherryEleven is an incredibly positive person. She has an almost unfailing need to see the best of everyone. She'll often tell me that people are good, highlighting any news story where a person has put themselves as risk, or gone the 'extra mile' to help someone else. It's really uplifting to be around her. She continually 'lifts my spirits' as it were. 

That's not to say she likes everyone, always. Her love of the positive means she has no time for the negative. She often talks about removing toxic people from your life. If there's someone who's not making your life better, stop having them around. Life's too short, she says, to spend it with negative people. 

This attitude is best exampled when she said to me once, 'even if you used to like them, if someone's a negative influence, you're best off getting rid of them. You don't need that negativity in your life.' Good call. I later adapted this for a tweet. (with a bit more crassness!) 

If I had to describe CherryEleven in a single word, it would be 'fun'. Fun is her goal, fun is her objective, fun is her default state. I'm sure that when she reaches the end of what is a long, long, long, life, she'll be thinking 'I had fun.' And really, what more could you want? 

CherryEleven is a 'people pleaser'. She wants everyone around her to be happy always. This is admirable, but can also lead to a bit of indecision when she doesn't know how to get to what's best for everyone! But it means she's caring. She cares for me, she cares for my children, and she cares for those around us. She never wishes anyone any harm, she is loving and peaceful. She doesn't want to cause harm, and doesn't want harm done to her. 

She had some tough times growing up as a kid. Including being bullied and made fun of by other kids at school. To her credit though, she hasn't let this get her down. She hasn't retreated into her shell. I could completely understand if she never trusted anyone again, if she kept her fun side to herself and was quiet and shy. But she hasn't. Her happiness is too important, the fun is too important, life is too important. 

I admire her love for art. Painting, writing, acting. She has shelves and shelves of books, artwork wherever she can find a spot for it and is constantly wanting to know what movie to watch next, what concert to go to or what play to see. 

I admire her love for the Collingwood football club. I admire her love for me, I'm sure I drive her mad sometimes! I admire her love for my children.

My partner doesn't waste time on hate, isn't vindictive, isn't petty, isn't malicious. 

She is kind hearted, caring, compassionate, and passionate. She a truly wonderful human being and I love her. 


  1. she sounds terrific. i'm curious -- does she have any children? i'm really glad she loves your children (you told us so -- on two occasions), but how about her? does she have any children of her own to spread all that fun around with? it would be a shame for her to have only YOUR children to have Life's fun with. she deserves some of her own, too.

  2. I’m unsure has to how that’s relevant or any of your business. You’ve no idea whether she’s unable to have kids and it’s a sore point for her or she’s chosen not to and is completely happy with her decision. I find your pressing if this rude.

  3. you're totally right, and i'm completely at fault. please forgive me, and extend my apologies to @cherryeleven, too. mea maxima culpa.

  4. We could do with many more of her type around!

    1. Agree! And....we could do with many more of your type as well, ie appreciative partners. In fact we need the whole panoply of human types apart from the nasty, vindictive bullies who saw fit to torment her at school. Fewer of those would be nice.